• Over 600,000 prisoners will return to communities around America this year.
  • Annually over 6000 people return from county and state prisons to communities in the Lancaster County Pennsylvania area.
  • Approximately 64% of those that return to Lancaster violate their parole or commit another crime within two years of their release.

How does Transition to Community help You, The Tax payer?

  • From March 2011 to March 2012 The Potter's House had a total of 2,696 man/days of participation.
  • This equates to a savings of $188,720.00 for Lancaster County tax payers.
  • It takes approximately $70.00 to house one inmate for one day.
  • Over 75% of Lancaster Counties annual budget goes to programs, organizations, and government agencies that arrest, incarcerate, supervise, or provide social services for thoses going in and out of our local jails.


"Transition To Community is encouraging me while at the same time holding me accountable."

- Barry -