Meet Barry

Hi my name is Barry Shue and this is my daughter Bella.  It has been a long road to find myself at Transition To Community’s Residential living experience called The Potter’s House. I have made some poor choices growing up.  I was 14 when I first started to use marijuana as a social thing. By the time I was 17, I advanced on to crack cocaine and used that till I was 19. At the birth of my son many things changed and I wanted to stay clean for my family.  Married to my wife Sue I wanted to be a good husband and father I just didn’t have good role models.  I stayed clean from drugs till around 2007.  After experiencing a separation from my family I turned back to drugs and alcohol.  Things got worse and worse till I wound up in Jail several times between 2007- 2011

During my last time in jail I realized that something had to change.  Doing what I was doing was only hurting me and the ones I loved. While incarcerated I searched for something that could make a change in my life. My eleventh day in Jail I went to church and experienced something I have never experienced before. In the past I went to church and believed in God and Jesus but never really had a relationship with Him. A group called “High Towers” shared some wonderful testimonies. The Holy Spirit stirred my heart and when they asked if anyone wanted to have a relationship with Jesus I raised my hand. I was in jail but I now felt free. My soul has begun a journey that has given me freedom even while behind bars.

I didn’t want to go out to the streets and get caught up with the same old things that would bring me back to jail. I looked into several programs before finding out about The Potter’s House from a friend Zack Moore. He was planning to go so I filled out an application and here I am.

The Potter’s House has given me the opportunity to further my walk with the lord. There is so much teaching and opportunity to learn more. I have experienced some inner healing with Lenny Polsinski and found that I had a lot of built up anger stemming back to my childhood. I enjoy being around likeminded people and found help among the staff. You will find me shooting pool, cooking and even cleaning the dishes. Finding my way with Christ has benefited me and my family. I want to be a better husband and father.

I spend as much time with my wife and children as I can. I pray that God will heal all the pain I have caused. Being here has helped me establish a good foundation with church and new friends.  I have found a job and hope that it will sustain me as I move on in six months. I pray that God will allow me to experience Him further as he teaches me more about Him. I thank the Lord that there are places like The Potter’s House for people to transition back into the community.



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