Potter's House Addmision process

The Potter’s House is a transitional residency program for the purpose of helping individuals experience the transforming power of Jesus Christ by overcoming obstacles and become responsible contributors in their families, in the workplace, in the church and in their communities as disciples of Jesus Christ.   “Like clay in the hand of the potter……”    Jeremiah 18: 6

Our Vision

The Potter’s House envisions households where 3-5 single adults will reside together, for a transition period, in a family oriented, Christ-centered environment establishing principles to sustain a lifestyle free from addictions and support a wholesome life with guidance by the Holy Spirit.

The Potter’s House Objectives

By creating a safe home environment based on Christian principles, The Potters’ House objectives are to:

1.  Support the fact that resolving issues and finding meaning in life is through a personal walk with Jesus Christ and the power of His Spirit according to the Word of God.
2.  Encourage the development of foundations that sustain a lifelong lifestyle free from harmful addictions and hurtful patterns of thinking.
3.  Develop personal character and disciplines that will promote responsible contributions in the workplace, family, church, and in their community.
4.  Experience reconciliation for healing in areas of their personal life, family and other relationships.
5.  Understand ones own personal call and gifts and develop them in fulfilling life purpose.
6.  Prepare individuals for the responsibilities of caring for ones own home and family.
7.  Develop patterns of living that support physical health and financial responsibility.


Requirements for Admission
1.  Must be a minimum of 18 years of age.
2.  Must have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
3.  Must be willing to surrender your “old life” and be committed to learning and following the ways of Christ.
4.  Must commit to abstaining from all forms of drugs and alcohol.
5.  Must agree to stay for a minimum 9-month period.
6.  Must agree to Potter’s House Plan to manage personal finances
7.  Must agree to personal counseling or inner healing sessions as recommended by staff.  
8.  Must be committed to regular and continuous employment.
9.  Must commit to and sign The Potter’s House Partnership Agreement (resident commitment,
employee agreement, and household guidelines.) at the time of orientation.
10. All residents need to first be approved by the director, and two other designated staff.

Application Procedure
1.  Become familiar with The Potter’s House vision and guidelines.
2.  Complete and return application form.(PDF)
3.  Schedule a personal interview with the director. If incarcerated see Prison Chaplin 
4.  A $200.00 deposit is required.  So please have the payment ready prepared before hand.
6.  Mail application to:      

Transition To Community            Phone: 717-656-3222
13 Brimmer Ave
New Holland, PA  17557















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